Hickory Ridge Marriott Conference Hotel
1195 Summerhill Drive, Lisle  IL.

800/334-0344 or 630/971-5030

25 Year Reunion

Saturday, Sept.22,2001
Hickory Ridge Marriott Conference Hotel
8:15-8:30--group photo
8:30-11:30p--DJ, Dancing, visiting, partying!

Directions to the Hotel

Itís fairly easy to get to the hotel.  Itís off Route 53 in Lisle.  
The easiest was to get there is to exit 355 at Maple Avenue.  
Take Maple west to Route 53.  Turn Left (South) onto Route 53.  
Take 53 South to Summerhill Drive 
(just past the Four Lakes Apartment Complex.)
Thereís a light at Summerhill and a big tall building at the Southwest corner (itís called Telecordia).  
Turn right and follow the road to the end (it ends at the hotel).

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