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Mr. Schmoe's temper complete with baton. -- Watching Keith 
Harris and another guy try to share the same shirt in speech 
class. The teacher wasn't too amused! -- Losing our fellow 
classmates ... Sally Kandel, Tony Ellis, and Bryan Anderson.

-- Graduation, I couldn't wait to get out of school!! --

Don Sachtleben returning his typewriter carriage so hard it flung across the room. -- Pom-Pon performances. -- Being late for a concert choir and having half the soprano section in Heidi's car. -- Acting in "My Fair Lady". -- Getting beat on the head with a sausage by Bill Nicholson in "Scapino". -- Recording the choir Christmas album. -- Cat dissection in Advanced Biology. -- Setting the teacher's desk on fire in freshman physics. -- When the curtain went up and I was the only one on stage in "An Italian Straw Hat".-- The parties!! -- When Chuck Hulse borrowed Ed Breseman's Pinto and wrecked it. -- Sitting in the bleachers at football games. -- Tony Pecoraro's ability to pass most liquids (and some solids) from his lunch through his nose. -- Watching the guys' track meets. -- Gymnastic meets. -- Sock Hops. -- Making out under the bleachers at football games. -- One of the Erickson boys streaking down the halls. -- Parties at Blackwell. -- The DuPage River. --Getting caught driving my car on the football practice field by Coach Fulk. -- Graduating in August 1975, but participating in Graduation 1976!! -- Publishing editorials and articles in the newspaper. -- All those fun wrestling meets!!! -- Graduation. -- Going out with friends from band after football and basketball games. -- Football practice in the middle of August, in the middle of a cornfield, in the middle of nowhere. -- Coach Dale Evans spitting his chewing tobacco on top of our shoes. -- Seeing how many ice cream bars I could eat at lunch. -- Pizza lunch day. -- The Ketchup Bag!! -- Advanced Biology field trips. -- German Club Field Trips. -- Stories from the driver's ed teachers. -- Burning out the brakes in Susie Hans' mom's caddie while going down Lies Road and ending up in the cornfield. -- Socials. -- Decorating houses the night before the Homecoming football game. -- Friends!! -- Graduation. I had nightmares for three months after about not graduating. -- Playing on the Varsity Football team. -- Being on the gymnastics team. -- Being the first person to graduate from cosmetology program (from GN) from DAVEA. -- Senior ditch day. -- Two days after prom at Blackwell. -- I will always remember GN as a fun place, there was always something to do...a club, or a sport to join - Our children will not have so many options. -- The GN Spirit ... whether we won or lost, I always had fun. -- Marching with band in the Chicago and Springfield parades. -- Watching Mrs. Crawford flip her wig during the Donkey Basketball game. -- Smashing Ed Breseman's Pinto during PE. -- I can't remember that far back!! -- My first date with LuAnn Loser. -- Sneaking gum to Linda Lucchesi in Mr. Trauth's social studies class. -- The Open Campus strike. -- "Hour" lunch senior year. -- Was High School humorous? Too long ago to remember!! -- Lighting gas jets in Science. -- 
Too many memories to mention!!! -- Pouring a carton of milk over someone's head in the cafeteria. -- Coach Terry True teaching Sex Ed. -- Mr. Poynter's super glued podium. -- Cafeteria food. -- Getting my diploma on Graduation Day!! -- Shooting my first perfect end in Archery. -- The smell of fieldhouse during indoor track season. -- Working on all the plays. -- Finishing summer school to get my diploma!! -- Every day was a humorous day at GN! -- Drinking in the girls' room at 7:00 in the morning ... we were sooo cool!! -- The square dancing we were forced to do. -- Co-ed gym. -- I don't remember school as being humorous. -- Margaret Meyer's retirement ... she gave me her score to "The Fantastiks". -- Martha Scully's salamander. -- Any Thursday night Club cruise. -- Asking teacher's to sign my drop out sheet. -- Getting suspended for 5 days because I was on the phone and they thought I was with the group across the street who was protesting something. -- I was getting into my car to ditch school ... Mr. Fulk blocked me with a driver's ed car and removed my distributor cap so I could not go ... Then he chased me ... I ran into the lunchroom, sat at a table, and hid ... He didn't know who I was!! -- passing Honors English even after I refused to read Wuthering Heights. -- High School was pretty exciting for me. -- Standing in the registration line freshman year feeling like a total geek. -- Frank Fanella (the passive class president) leading the fans into a fight at a game. -- I'd like to put down the under-the-stairway thing, but unfortunately, that was not me. -- Getting caught ditching 1st hour gym class with Phil Gerardi and Bob Kost at the Golden Bear by Coach Silver Fox. -- When I broke my knee in gym class. -- Tomato soup and grilled cheese lunches. -- The day I got suspended for the smoke out and I wasn't even at school that day. -- stealing a car at lunch time. -- Ricky Wallace getting "depantsed" in senior year gym class. -- Following the activity bus and mooning it!! -- Going out to lunch to celebrate Carol Pelletier's engagement ... at least once a week!! -- Winning Track MVP senior year. -- Being Kendall Adams in "Stage Door". -- Watching Assistant Band Director walking to the podium. -- Getting my "Panthers Suck" t-shirt taken away. -- Streakers. -- First day of attendance, realizing it wasn't so bad. -- Getting a birthday beating in 136 bathroom. -- Going out for freshman football ... what a killing! -- I really enjoyed and remember the most the pom pon squad and performing at football and basketball games ... It was great!!! -- Hitting Coach True in the face with a whipped cream pie at a pep rally ... he said he would tell me when to do it, but I didn't wait and he was really angry. -- Making the hoops for games in the fieldhouse near that little room in the corner. -- Drinking Boonesfarm Strawberry Hill at Betsy's house on New Year's eve freshman year and crying when they talked about Jim Croce dying. -- Mr. Siegmeyer pulling me out of class to ask why Debbie Krueger wasn't in class the day after a sophomore English honors class field trip to the Art Institute ... There was some very heavy mooning out the back of the bus ... She rode home in our car with some of my brothers and friends ... I guess he had visions of felonies and figured I's share it with him! -- Coach Fulk actually thought I would consider staying in school to wrestle when I had enough credits to graduate.


- building Homecoming floats - your locker number - Donkey basketball games - streaking -
- Prom at Stouffer's - registration lines - bonfires - Olde North Pancake House - 
- Boones' Farm Strawberry Hill - the morning announcements - teepeeing - Senior Ditch Day - 
- "Round the Clock restaurant - "Hour" long lunches - John the janitor -hip huggers - bellbottoms -
- gym clothes... and not getting them washed after Friday!! - moccasins - 
- long straight hair parted down the middle - Tedrahns - mood rings - socials -
- New Colony Six - elevator passes - square dancing - The Student Council -
- Driver's Ed carnival - away game busses -'50's day - your lab partner - The Doobies - 
- Moody Blues - Ecology field trips - Jethro Tull - Elton John - 
- The room # of the smokers' john - Graduation Day - Kangaroo Courts - 
- Crazy Socks Day - petition for smoking lounge  - seeing how many people we could stuff in a car -
- your first true love - TurnStyle - "Our" McDonald's - football notes - picketing for open campus -
- Bicentennial Ball - pep rallies - pet rocks - Christmas Choir record - "Junior" Leaders

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