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Glenbard North in 1976 High School Memories Stats

Do You Remember These People?
1. Siggy 5. FiFi
2. No No 6. The Silver Fox
3. Fred 7. Turtle
4. Sleeper 8. Baby Huey

Panther Trivia
1. Who was on the Homecoming Queen's court senior year?
2. Who was on the Homecoming King's court senior year?
3. Who was the editor of the North Current?
4. Who designed the Bicentennial bumper sticker?
5. Who did we play and who won the Homecoming game senior year?
6. What was the varsity football team's record senior year?
7. Who wrote our school song?
8. Who was our senior class president?
9. What was the spring nusical senior year?
10. Who were the Prom king and queen senior year?
11. Where was Prom held senior year?
12. Name the principal and assistant principal.
13. What was our senior class gift to the school?
14. What was the theme song of Prom?
15. What was the date of our graduation?

1976 Trivia
1. What was the top grossing movie of the year?
2. What album won a Grammy for best album of the year?
3. What musical won a Tony for best musical of the year?
4. What three major events took place in 1976?
5. Name three famous Americans who died in 1976.
6. Who played in the Super Bowl? What was the final score?
7. Who played in the World Series? What was the final score?
8. Who won the NBA Championship?
9. Name the disease which claimed the lives of many people who attended
a convention in Philadelphia in 1976.
10. Name three other popular movies which premiered in 1976.
11. Name the famous novel published in 1976 which later was made into a 
highly successful miniseries.
12. Name the TV show which premiered on syndication in 1976 and became 
a huge success, much to everyone's surprise.


Do You Remember These People?
1. Mr. Siegmeyer 
2. Virginia Jones 
3. Ricky Smith 
4. Dave Boisvert 
5. Mr. Erford
6. Mr. Hudson
7. Phil Gerardi
8. Tony Long

Panther Trivia
1. Amy Arrieta and Brenda Campbell
2. Rick Wallace and Robbie Boehmer
3. Don Sachtleben
4. Brian Bates
5. Naperville North. We won 21-0!!
6. 2 wins - 7 losses
7. Mr. Schmoe
8. John Schiess
9. My Fair Lady
10. Tom Bernhardt and Linda Seddon
11. Stouffer's in Oak Brook
12. Bert Weber and Wayne Stevenson
13. Silkscreen School Crest
14. "Could It Be Magic"
15. June 13, 1976

1976 Trivia
1. All the President's Men
2. Still Crazy After All These Years - Paul Simon
3. A Chorus Line
4. 1976 Olympics, Presidential Elections, and the Bicentennial
5. Howard Hughes, J. Paul Getty, and Richard J. Daley
6. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 21-17
7. The Cincinnati Reds beat the New York Yankees 4-0
8. The Boston Celtics
9. Legionnaires' Disease
10. Rocky, A Star is Born, and The Omen
11. Roots
12. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Glenbard North High School Class of 1976

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